Intruder Alarm Systems

Byron Security design and install bespoke intruder alarm systems tailored to your exact requirements for both commercial and domestic properties.

An intruder alarm system remains one of the most effective ways to protect your property and deter burglars from targeting your property.

We offer smart security systems with the optional SecureConnect app allowing you remote monitoring and control, plus InstallerCloud allowing us remote configuration, monitoring and updating of your system. We also offer monitored alarm systems and Police Response to cater for all property needs.

What Will I Need?

For a typical domestic install we offer a package that includes:

  • 1 × Control Panel
  • 1 × Entry Keypad
  • 3 × PIR Motion Detectors
  • 1 × Door Contact
  • 1 × External Siren
  • 1 × Decoy Siren
  • 5 × Proximity Tags

To cover more entry points, additional PIR Motion Detectors, Door Contacts and Window Sensors can be added as necessary.

Optional extras such as Remote key fobs, Proximity tags and smartphone app control can also be considered.

Our engineers will advise you on the best solutions to suit your specific requirements during their visit.

Typical Security System

Cloud Connected Security

SecureConnect App

With the optional SecureConnect app you can have 24/7 control over your security system from anywhere in the world through a user-friendly app available for iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Real-time push notifications of system activity are sent directly to your smartphone alerting you to events whether home or away. The app will be configured to suit your individual requirements. You can also control the notifications you receive, either for all system activity or just alarm events. The same app can be used to control different systems so you can monitor home and office from the same device, anywhere in the world.

If you have also have CCTV security cameras installed, you’ll be able to view live video feeds on your phone.

As your security system provider we can also securely monitor alarm events, resolve issues and update settings remotely, saving you time and avoiding call outs.

Alarm Systems Explained

Security alarms are used in residential and commercial properties for protection against burglary or damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.

A security alarm consists of a range of electrical components that are connected to a property. Via sensors and contacts, they detect movement or the opening of doors and windows, after which a loud alarm sound is produced to alert those nearby. Alerts can also be sent via smartphone app, SMS, dialler or to a monitoring station.

The passive infrared motion detectors (PIR) detect emitted infrared energy – given off by humans in the form of heat. When there is a sudden increase in infrared energy, the alarm is triggered.

Door and window contacts consist of two parts, the contact and a magnet. If someone opens an armed door or window, the magnet is pulled away from the contact, which breaks the circuit and triggers an event. Shock sensors can also be fitted on windows and bi-fold doors which trigger on vibrations and are calibrated to avoid false alarms.

House Layout

System Installation

Our friendly engineers and sales staff are highly skilled and trained to the very highest of professional standards, which means you can be certain that our systems will always work hard to protect you and your property whatever the environment.

Cables will be hidden from view as much as possible, and cameras installed discreetly if required. Our engineers will carefully install and test your new alarm system and demonstrate all of the available features and functions and ensure that you are 100% happy with the service that you receive from Byron Security. 

We promise to always be neat, clean and tidy, and will happily remove all equipment packaging and installation materials when we leave. Our professionalism and keen eye for service and exacting customer care is probably why we receive more recommendations than any other alarm company in the area.

Keypad Configuration
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